Meeting Minutes

July 2011


The July 2011 meeting of the FOBC started at approximately 8:20pm on July 12 at Eleanor’s place in Weafgreen Crt. There was some uncertainty about the venue.


Robert, Barrie, Eleanor and Chris. Apologies: Jim

A. Minutes.

Minutes of the previous meeting were not available.

B. General Business

National Tree Day and National Tree Schools Day issues were the main topic of the meeting.

National Tree Day is Sunday July 31

National Tree Schools Day Friday July 29

Barrie has arranged for ample plants to be available for each of these key planting days. A request has been to Council to have a barbeque for the Sunday.

There has been very little activity for a treasurer’s report - there is approximately $4500 in the account, the VINC membership has been paid and the VFF Insurance has been paid.

Robert will produce a FOBC Newsletter before Tree Day. Eleanor to arrange paper for this from Office Works.

Council plaques acknowledging the work of the individual members of FOBC – Jim’s plaque has arrived and the misspelling of Robert’s name on his has been amended.

For supper we had some various flavoured Ceylonese tea and homemade biscuits … thanks Eleanor.

E. Next Working Bee

The next working bee is on Sunday July 17.

F. Next Meeting

The next meeting of the FOBC is scheduled for August 9 at Chris’s place in Cornell St at 8.00pm.

Minutes submitted by: Chris Walta