Annual General Meeting - 2003

Minutes of 3rd Annual General Meeting of Friends of Back Creek held at the Camberwell Ladies Bowling Club on April 15th 2003 at 7.30 pm.

The President Robert Brierley welcomed members present (6) and Janice McMurtrie of Boroondara Council Parks and Gardens and Philip Krohn, Representative of South Surrey Park.

It was proposed by Robert that the Minutes of the A.G.M. 2002 be received and adopted. Moved Bob Strickland, seconded June Strickland.

Apologies - Jim Breen, Joan and Kevin Edgar.

Robert presented a Summary of the year's activities and outlined the aims of F.O.B.C.for the coming year. (Report appended).

Treasurer's Report Bob Strickland presented the Financial Statement showing an increase in member's funds and tabling the Parks Vic. Grant of $1500.

Election of Office Bearers. With the exception of John Cott present office bearers were re-elected. John wished to still be part of the Committee and Chris Walta agreed to be the Friends' secretary.

Presentation - Janice McMurtrie thanked all for their efforts over the past year and remarked that Melbourne Water's interest in improving the Creek had impacted on Council strategy to preserve remnants of natural environment and vegetation. These strategies will be tied in with State and Federal policies in improving trails, park corridors, linking walkways and tracks. Plantings will be chosen to attract birds, frogs etc. Strategies will be designed to attract funding to promote education re environment issues. Education to inform the public on procedures and time frame expectations as when results will be seen. Improvement of water quality to encourage frogs of several types. Education and identification of frog types is another aspect of interest for creek walkers. Janice informed us that frogs can be identified by their call and biodiversity.Websites for activities re Boroondara as follows;-

Robert thanked Janice for her interest in our project and Janice indicated that the proposed Boardwalk would be completed in June.

Philip Krohn from South Surrey Park gave an account of the Group's activities over the past year. (Notice appended).

Bob Strickland nominated John Spence as auditor for the coming year. Carried.