Meeting Minutes

August 2011


The August 2011 meeting of the FOBC started at approximately 8:00pm on August 9 at 29A Cornell St.


Robert, Barrie, Eleanor and Chris and Jim.

A. General Business

TREE DAYS: National Tree Schools Day Friday on July 29 and National Tree Day on Sunday July 31 were both considered very successful.

Robert once again took the lead in ensuring smooth proceedings for each of the days, not only making sure preparation of planting areas was taken care of beforehand but also sufficient seedlings to plant, planting equipment and the snacks … cordial and mud cake for workers on the Friday and a barbeque on the Sunday. Barrie also once again played a major role in selecting, ordering and collecting plants. Eleanor is our chief registration officer for this event.

On the Friday there were 2 different groups of students from Wattle Park Primary School accompanied by teachers and parents – 110 students from the lower grades in the morning and 70 students from upper grades in the afternoon. Nearly 1000 plants, supplied by Council were planted. Great effort by all!

On the Sunday there were about 45 – 50 people made up of members of the community and 25 girls from Ruyton Girls’ School. Timmee Graham from the school accompanied the students. A further 1600 plants were planted on the Sunday. Thanks to everyone.

There was a problem this year with the barbeque on the Sunday that is normally supplied and provided by Council. However between Barrie and Robert a barbeque and some 100 sausages from Shaun’s, the local butcher in Through Rd, were arranged. Timmee from Ruyton Girls School said that the school would pick up the tab for the cost of the sausages. Thank you very much Timmee.

There was also confusion about plant collection from VINC for the Sunday planting … normally Barrie and Robert collect but found the order was not available late on Saturday. Additional plants were put together on the basis that they could be returned if they were not needed. It turned out that someone from Council had collected the FOBC order already and arrived early on Sunday morning.

Adrian Hotchins and Ian represented the Council. Janyce’s replacement was also present on the Friday. He has only been in the job for 3 weeks at this stage so we wish him well and hope to get to know him as we work with him. He has large shoes to fill.

There are a few boxes of plants (about 200) remaining that will be planted in subsequent working bees.

It was suggested that the additional cost of $196 incurred for the matting used be managed through the Council’s administration grants for amounts up to $500. Robert will discuss what the process is with Heinz.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Robert presented a summary of the financial situation. Basically grant moneys received for previous FOBC projects have now either been spent or are allocated for this year’s planting. Insurance is up to date, VINC planting bills are paid, and interest is now reduced to $56.

FUTURE FOBC WORK: In practice the work that the group can be involved in is the maintenance of the areas along the path with infill planting and weeding. The Council is keen for the group to be involved in planting in the area on the other side of Cornell St into Lynden Park. Council’s plan is to plant out the area and not cut grass there in the future.

After some discussion about funding future work for the Friend’s group and the possibilities of putting in for a grant application for a specific project it was decided that given the terrain difficulties of Back Creek between Riversdale Rd and Cornell St, changes in the way Melbourne Water operate their role in the work that needs to be done in the area that the group is best placed to work closely with Council for the 3 main planting days annually. In order to do this Robert will discuss the matter with Heinz initially.

It was suggested that it would be useful to generate a list of activities in the Back Creek area that Council needs to attend to. Such as particular problem trees, pathway issues, invasive weed spots. The list could be generated in a walk through the area by some FOBC members and Council staff. This would enable Council staff to focus their efforts.

NOTICE BOARD: The new Perspex looks great. Robert will make sure the FOBC Newsletter is posted there as soon as it is printed.

B. Next Working Bee

The next working bee is on Sunday August 14.

C. Next Meeting

The next meeting of the FOBC is scheduled for September 13 at Robert’s place in Nicholsdale Rd at 8.00pm.

Minutes submitted by: Chris Walta