Date: 9/2/2004

Location: Home of Bob Strickland

Present: Robert Brierley (president), Eleanor Stephenson, John Cott, Chris Walta, Barrie Gallacher, Bob Strickland

Apologies: None


Robert welcomed all present.



  1. Grant Applications - There is a total of 15000 in grant money that needs to be spent on activity in the creek. This is made up of grants received from City of Boroondara, Enviro Fund, Melb Water.

  2. The meeting discussed the need to manage the activity in the creek linking the work to the actual requests made in the applications. Each grant needs to be considered as a particular project. Records need to be maintained to address the planning and recoding of the tasks undertaken in each of the projects. There was discussion about the need to consider how the work would be undertaken and the volunteer hours that would be required. There was a concern that current volunteer participation needs to be addressed.

    ACTION: Robert, Barrie and Bob will get together to devise project schedules to set up a systematic separate folio for each project.

    Project briefs to identify:

    The projects are:

Working bees

  1. Clean Up Australia coming up in March - site has been registered, kit with bags etc will be dropped of for use on the day, assembly point at the Cornell St end, event will be advertised in the FOBC Newsletter
  2. Monthly working bees on the 3rd Sunday of the month - participants report to Cornell St for each working bee.

2003 project reports - these are currently outstanding


Robert will have the draft available for comment and take to the printer and requests assistance with distribution using system in place.

Annual General meeting - notice to be attached to the FOBC Newsletter March 28

Meeting schedule for 2004

Month Committee Meeting
Date and Location
Working Bee Date
March 1st Chris Walta's - 29A Cornell St
28th AGM Robert's - 3 Nicholsdale Rd
7th - working bee
21st - Clean Up Australia
April   18th
May 3rd John's - 2 Hollsmore St 16th
June 7th Barrie's - 7 Quinton Rd 20th
July 5th Eleanor's - 1 Weafgreen Crt 18th
25th - National Tree day
August 2nd Bob's - 160 Through Rd 15th
September 6th Chris Walta's - 29A Cornell St 19th
October 4th Robert's - 3 Nicholsdale Rd 17th
November 8th John's - 2 Hollsmore St 21st
December 6th Barrie's - 7 Quinton Rd  


At Chris Walta's home 29A Cornell St

Minutes prepared by Chris Walta