Meeting Minutes

8 March 2011


The first meeting of the FOBC for 2011 started at 8:00pm on March 8, 2011 at Eleanor’s place in Weafgreen Court.


Robert, Barrie, Eleanor and Chris. Apologies from John, Jim and Bob.

A. Minutes.

No minutes were available from the previous meeting.

B. Discussion

The Boroondara Diversity Project video is available at the council website - The work of the FOBC is mentioned.

Barrie updated us about the communication he had with Council with the request to have the Myoporum batea replaced which was a casualty when the drainage work was done for the Nazareth House paddock. The replacement is a Blackwood which is a local native plant species.

Bob is unable to continue his work as treasurer for the FOBC due to his recent illness. We thank Bob for his work over the last 10 years and wish him well in his recovery. Robert will take on the treasurer’s job. A treasurer’s report will be prepared for the next meeting. Robert mentioned there was about $350 in cash and the remainder was in a fixed term deposit.

Barrie will pass on the VINC membership updates for FOBC to Robert so that he can process the renewal.

Robert will prepare the FOBC Newsletter before Clean Up Australia Day (March 6). Eleanor will approach Graham Watt, the new Liberal member for Burwood who replaced Bob Stensholt to assist with the printing through the office as had been done by Bob.

Priority weeding and planting areas were discussed - the Riversdale Rd slope under the oaks and the Cornell St areas that have not been weeded/planted for some time. Robert will approach Council (Adrian) to have a walk along Back Creek to discuss ways they might assist.

FOBC site has been registered with Clean Up Australia and Robert mentioned it was the only Camberwell site. We hope there will be many volunteers on the day.

The AGM will be in April at Robert’s house in Nicholson Rd.

The Victorian State Government now has a website where volunteers can register interest in assisting Friend’s groups like the FOBC. Robert will ensure that the FOBC group is available for volunteers to choose.

The FOBC notice board needs to have the Perspex replaced because the frequent cleaning has scarred the surface and it is now difficult to read the notices. Robert will contact the Council to see where it is available and arrange this. Eleanor suggested we need to have a Back Creek name on the notice board. The group agreed. There was some discussion about how to protect the notice board from the graffiti artists that continue to use the surface.

Dates for meetings and working bees - FOBC Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month and FOBC working bees are each 3rd Sunday of the month.

Working bees

Meeting date

Meeting Location

March 6 -Clean Up Australia Day

March 20 – working bee

March 8


April 17 – working bee

April 12 AGM


May 15 – working bee

May 10


June 19 – working bee

June 14


July 17 – working bee

July 29 – School’s Tree Day

July 31 – National Tree Day

July 12


August 21 – working bee

August 9


September 18 – working bee

September 13


October 16 – working bee

October 11


November 20 – working bee

November 21 – FOBC break up at Fountains restaurant

D. Treasurers Report

No report.

E. Next Meeting

The next meeting of the FOBC is scheduled for March 8 at Chris’ place in Cornell St at 8.00pm.

Minutes submitted by: Chris Walta