Minutes of meeting June 16 2003 at 7.30pm held at the home of Robert Brierley.

Apologies: Barrie Gallacher

Present: Robert Brierley, Chris Walta, Eleanor Stephenson, John Cott, Bob Strickland, Jim Breen

Newsletter Distribution:

It was decided after some discussion to extend the distribution area for the FOBC Newsletter and to increase the # of copies.

Distribution areas -

Newsletter Printing:

Mr John Daley the picture framer in Through Rd will print 1100 copies from now on and supply them folded and boxed for distribution, Robert to adjust the margins to improve the centring of the document.


Membership list:

  1. Bob to up date the list sorted by address and distributed to committee for use in contacting members to encourage participation in working bees and to aide in the updating of the membership list and perhaps increase membership.

  2. The agreement was that each distributor would contact a minimum of 6 people on their distribution list to encourage participation and updating membership.

Working Bees and planting events:

The working bees/events coming up are:

It was suggested that some planning is required for tree planting events:

It was decided that Barrie was to be approached by Robert to organise a plan to coordinate the planting sessions. Perhaps coloured flags could be used to indicate what should be planted where and/or paint spray to mark spots.

Grant application:

Barrie and Robert have been working on an application to the National Heritage Trust Fund for funding for extension of the work at the Cornell St end on the 29A side of the creek. And an FOBC Information Sign to be erected at the Cornell St end of the creek. The applications close on July 4 2003.


Greening Australia - information was received about a Tree Planting Festival ... Bob to contact them about clarification about the date.

Greening Australia - advice was received about ways Friends groups could have insurance at a manageable rate through Vic Farmers at a cost of $285 per annum for a $25.30 group membership fee... the committee approved the go ahead ... Bob to follow that up.

Account balance $2160 ... including the $1500 grant moneys received.

Incorporation updates were received

Other Business:

Jim will put in connections to the Frog website from the FOBC site.

Jim also reported that the website was nearing capacity and that some items will need to be archived.

Robert discussed the possibility of transporting some tadpoles from the Sienna pond to the creek.

Board walk update ... Robert reported having discussed it with Janice and will follow up the Infrastructure Department at the Council to check on what is holding the matter up.

Minutes produced by Chris WALTA