Date: 7th of June

Location: Home of Robert Brierley in Nicholsdale Road

Present: Robert Brierley (president), Jim Breen, Eleanor Stephenson, Chris Walta, Bob Strickland, Malcolm Carre-Waddell

Apologies: John Cott, Barrie Gallacher,


Robert welcomed all present. Thanks Robert for making your home available for this.


Boroondara Focus Group – invitation to send a representative to a discussion about environmental planning and policy – Malcolm to attend.

Friendsnet newsletter (VNPA) – Jim to include a link to the site on the FOBC site.


3.1 Project scoping documentation.

ACTION: Robert to make hard copies of the Project documents and the diagrams of the sections of the creek to Bob for distribution to members of the committee

3.2 Rubbish removal

Janice to invoice FOBC for the removal of rubbish being done by Council

Janice is also providing details of possibility and cost of the use of a bobcat to help in rubbish removal

3.3 Email list. No response received from email requests for help in working bee. It was suggested that telephone follow up should be tried next time.

ACTION: Robert’s email list to be sent to Bob because it is the more accurate one.

3.4 Newsletter scheduled for early July. Robert to prepare in time so that it can be distributed before the next working bee. Newsletter to include - information of the Project Scopes, mention of recent sightings of birds in the creek.

ACTION: Bob to approach Bob Stenholz for the printing of 500 copies (please bring the paper).

3.5 Rotary Club - Boroondara has approached Robert about wanting to donate a bench seat for the area. The Rotary Club will be in touch with Janice at the Council.

3.6 Rotary Club - Camberwell (contact via Malcolm) is discussing a donation to the project in Back Creek.

Eleanor reported that Tim Langdon from Camberwell rotary, who is also in the Bird Observer’s Club, would like to use the Friends group to promote bird watching. They might like us to distribute something with our newsletter and we will mention it in the next FOBC newsletter.

3.7 Notice Board

ACTION: Robert to contact Phil Crohn at SSP to get a brochure from the company that makes the notice boards.

3.8 Working bee. Council is depositing loads of mulch for our use. Robert has been spreading this in his ‘spare’ time, Malcolm mentioned he would help with this.

ACTION: Robert to order mulch from Council.

3.9 FOBC Website. Project scopes still need to be put on the site. Jim has put a counter on the site to monitor the number of visits to the site. Quinton Rd project to be included on the website after next working bee.


FOBC NEWSLETTER BOX. Bob brought up that he had discussed with Janice that it would be useful to have a weather proof receptacle in place to have the FOBC Newsletter available for people in the creek area. Apparently the Poo Scooper Boxes are not available anymore.

ACTION: Jim offered to make one after Janice has been approached.

TREE HOLE TOOLS. 5 being delivered to Robert’s for the 20th of June.


ACTION: Renewal details to followed up by Bob

PATH EXTENSION. Path is included in this financial year’s work. The work will be done by the end of June. It would be good if there was an official opening of the path on National tree Day.

ACTION: Bob to check with Heinz what the status of the job is

BRIDGE OVER CREEK. Malcolm asked what the plan was … there is a possibility of a bridge or causeway that would be part of later work for the area.


ACTION: 1500 – 2000 plants to be ordered. Malcolm offered to do this if Barrie is unavailable for this.

Jim to bring along the bamboo stakes he has.


Bob presented his report. We are financial. Developing membership strength is our goal. Bob reported that Richard Nixon from Lochard St sent a message to FOBC to, “Keep up the good work.”


Bob, June, Eleanor, Jim and Barrie were there.

Speaker from Waterwatch spoke. They presented what role they play. Council has a kit to monitor water quality that was displayed at the lunch session. Jim is interested in following this up. Malcolm can get the kit. This activity is to be included in the FOBC Newsletter. Members spoke with Janice and Adrian also. It was mentioned that several mature gum trees (1.5 meters) were planted at the Quinton Rd end of the creek.


At the home of Eleanor Stephenson - 1 Weafgreen Crt on July 5 at 7.30

July Working Bees in the creek 18th and 25th - National Tree day

June 2004

Minutes prepared by Chris Walta