Date:    Tuesday 9 June 09 

Location:   Eleanor Stephenson  

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  1. Issues from AGM Minutes
    1. Tree removal is now underway.
    2. Proposal to implement nesting boxes was not pursued in that the Council has already erected a number of boxes along the creek. Eleanor advised that these however may be for possums rather than birdlife.
  1. Melbourne Water
    1. Works are now well underway and progress looks good so far.  Eleanor was asked to report back the views of FOBC to Melbourne Water representatives.
    2. MW has indicated that 2500 plants will be planted as part of works.
    3. Bulletins 1 and 2 have been circulated.
  1. National Tree Day
    1. Has now been moved to Sunday 2 August (from last Sunday in July);
    2. Back Creek has again been registered;
    3. An email had been received from Ruyton requesting involvement if possible;
    4. Sites that would be appropriate were:
      1. Riversdale Road end, 500 plants;
      2. Quinton Road mulched area, possibly 1000 plants;
      3. Cornell Street end especially on the banks, possibly 1000 plants.
    5. A request would be made to Council to again provide BBQ facilities; and
    6. Plants had been ordered from VINC (1800) at a cost of $2225.  It was expected that schools would use plants provided by Council and this would be south of Cornell Street.
    1. Public Liability Insurance
    1. Back Creek Briefing
    1. Fence at 1 Nicholsdale Road