Notice to Members of Friends of Back Creek Inc. of 8th Annual General Meeting. 

Venue:  3 Nicholsdale Road, Camberwell on Tuesday 15 April 2008 at 8.00pm. 


  1. Acceptance of minutes of last AGM
  2. Presidents report
  3. Treasurers report
  4. Election of office bearers & Committee members
  5. Questions
  6. Socialising & refreshments


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Treasurer: ___________________

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Committee Members:






March 2008

meets here at Quinton Rd bend

The Newsletter of


ABN 43 819 801 067 

The photocopying of this newsletter is courtesy of Bob Stensholt local MLA for Burwood. Funds supporting the printing and distribution of newsletters provided by Melbourne Water 

Greetings friends and other residents interested in Back Creek 

This is the 28th edition of BACKCREEK BRIEFINGS. 

Progress made is as follows:

Membership subscription: Membership subscriptions for 2008 are now due. If you would like to become a member and or make a donation, contact our treasurer Bob Strickland on 9830 0749 or print off a membership form from our website and send us your subscription.

Working Bees: Our first working bee for 2008 was on Sunday March 2nd 2008 "Clean Up Australia" day. Over 20 people participated collecting more than 15 bags full of rubbish. Other rubbish of interest included an old washing machine mangle and a Clydesdale horse shoe dating back to the days of the Green’s dairy early in 20th century.

Our next working bee will be Sunday 16 March 2008. If you want to help out, come down to the Quinton Road bend Sunday Morning from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm. We will be setting down Jute mat ahead of planting later in the year.  Other working bees will generally occur around the third Sunday of each month. All our community events will be based at the Quinton Road end of the creek

Details of the FOBC event dates are as follows:

April 20th 2008- Planting Riversdale Rd

May 20th 2007 – Preparation Quinton Sth

June 17th 2007 – Preparation Quinton Sth

July 15th 2007 – Preparation Cornell St

July 25th 2008 – Schools Tree day

July 27th 2008 – National Tree day

August 17th 2008- Cornell Street planting

September 21st 2008 – Spring Planting Festival

October 19th 2008 – Spring Planting Festival

November 16th 2008 – Spring Planting Festival

December 14th 2008 – (only if numbers permit)


We have updated our website providing some fascinating before and after photos of our work at Riversdale Rd end. Check it out.

Community Notice Board.

We have also updated our community Notice board with similar before and after photo’s highlighting our work over the past 7 years. The Notice board is located at the Quinton Rd end. 

Annual General Meeting: On Tuesday 15 April at 8.00pm, FOBC will hold its 8th Annual General Meeting of members. The meeting will be held at 3 Nicholsdale Road Camberwell.

Nominations for the election of Office bearers and committee positions can be made by completing the form below and sending to our Treasurer Bob Strickland 130 Through Road Camberwell. 3124. 

Drought: Despite the continuing drought conditions our plantings have not only survived but appear to be thriving. Grasses planted along the middle section of the pathway in compacted soil have are still growing!  

Community Grants funding: FOBC has been successful in securing a further $5368 in community Grants from Melbourne Water to re vegetate the creek at the Cornell Street end. Our activities in the area will commence from August 2008 and will continue onto to late 2009/ early 2010.

Melbourne Water: As expected, in the last couple of months, Melbourne Water has removed 5 Willows along the creek bed at the Cornell Street end of the creek. This has opened up the creek and removed snags responsible for short term flooding during heavy downpours. As was experienced shortly following willow removal upstream. Secondary weeds like deadly nightshade have sprouted. Council will be spraying this area in the next few weeks followed by FOBC preparing for planting along the embankment. We have found that following willow removal a diverse array of native plants have flourished as observed at the Riversdale Road end of the creek.

Boroondara Council: A couple of weeks ago FOBC met with Parks & Gardens from the council to walk along the creek to establish plans for further improvement to the creek. Council will be working closely with FOBC and Melbourne Water to coordinate works done to improve the amenity along the creek. Works will include periodic spraying of weeds, lopping of overhanging branches, supplying mulch and jute mat squares, rubbish removal and assisting with planting.

Arbor week: FOBC is submitting a joint grant application with Wattle Park Primary school to plant along the Cornell Street end of the creek coinciding with Arbor week in June 2008. More details to come

FOBC Committee:

President - Robert Brierley – 9836 3779

Secretary –  Chris Walta - 9888 4461

(29A Cornell Street, Camberwell, 3124)

Treasurer – Bob Strickland – 9830 0749

Committee members – Barrie Gallacher, Eleanor Stephenson, John Cott, Jim Breen, Rosemary Buchanan.