Meeting Minutes

10 March 2011


The second meeting of the FOBC for 2011 started at 8:00pm on March 10, 2011 at Chris’s place in Cornell St.


Robert, Barrie, Eleanor, Jim, Fiona and Chris. Apologies from John and Bob.

A. Minutes.

Minutes were available from the February meeting. March was an incorrect month indicated on those minutes.

B. Discussion

Fiona Armstrong from Through Rd was welcomed to the meeting.

The FOBC Newsletter, BACKCREEK BRIEFINGS was distributed in February. Some additional BACKCREEK BRIEFINGS will be distributed in future in the area of Through Rd where Fiona lives and Fiona indicated she was happy to distribute these.

Clean Up Australia Day took place on Sunday March 6. As in previous years we were pleased to receive the help of the broader community and once again the group associated with the Through Rd Japanese Centre. Guresh, who is a representative of the group, indicated the group would be interested in future participation at working bees, a very welcome offer.

Priority work for 2011:

VINC plant order for the year will be arranged by Barrie. Approximately 2000 plants can be managed. It was suggested that we should focus on grasses and groundcovers. If possible it would be good to get some of the colourful bluebells, running postman, bidgy widgy etc. Barrie will arrange the order with VINC.

Demolition of the property next to Robert’s in Nicholsdale Rd. There was some discussion about approaching Council to ensure that the significant trees on the property be protected. Of particular concern are the Angophora and the Eucalyptus citriodora or lemon scented gum. There is a register being developed of significant trees in Boroondara and it may be possible to have these trees entered on this list. Robert to talk with Adrian to see what is possible.

C. Treasurer’s Report

Robert updated the meeting with the financial status: there is $392.96 cash, there are some cheques for memberships and donations to be deposited of $100 and there is $4000 in a term deposit. There was some discussion about the need for another committee member to have their signature lodged at the bank and to do the banking. Jim offered to do this. There will be further discussion of this situation at the AGM.

D. Additional concerns

Barrie raised the outstanding issues of the seat and the notice board.

The seat donated by the Rotary club was damaged by a Melbourne Water contractor who did some work in 2008 has still not been replaced. Jim offered to contact David Fisher at Melbourne Water to follow it up.

Notice board – initial inquiries indicate the Council was unsure who the manufacturer was. Robert will follow this up when he is speaking with Adrian.

Eleanor raised an issue with the folding of the Newsletter. The person dropping the Newsletter for copying to ensure that Graham Watt’s office can do the folding also.

Dates for meetings and working bees - FOBC Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month and FOBC working bees are each 3rd Sunday of the month.

E. Next Working Bee

The next working bee to focus on the trimming along the path is on March 20.

F. Next Meeting

The next meeting of the FOBC is the AGM and is scheduled for April 12 at Robert’s place in Nicholsdale Rd at 8.00pm.

Minutes submitted by: Chris Walta