Date: 5th of May Location: Home of John Cott - 2 Hollsmore St

Present: Robert Brierley (president), Eleanor Stephenson, John Cott, Chris Walta, Barrie Gallacher, Bob Strickland

Apologies: Jim Breen, Malcolm Carre-Waddell


Robert welcomed all present.


Victorian Landcare magazine - April
Bob Stenholtz Media Release
'State of Melbourne Creeks' booklet


  1. Grant received from Boroondara Council for $1500.00. This is donated by Rotary Club of Balwyn with proceeds from the running of the Camberwell Sunday Market.
  2. Project scoping documentation. Robert presented the overview of each of the 3 projects and clarified the timeline for the tasks required. The project briefs will provide a structure for the work to be done. The costing record will be needed for the reporting on each of the projects. Robert provided a rough estimate of the extent to which current work is keeping up with the suggested schedule of activity. The scoping document provides estimates of number of volunteers needed so we will use this as a guide to recruit the number required for the working bees.
    Project 1 - Quinton Rd
    Project 2 - new path on western side
    Project 3 - eastern side near Cornell St
    ACTION: Robert to give hard copies of the Project documents and the diagrams of the sections of the creek to Bob for distribution to members of the committee
    ACTION: Chris to speak to Jim to get a copy of the documents on the FOBC web site
  3. Rubbish disposal The meeting discussed ways to remove rubbish collected and piled in the creek. It is proving difficult to move this up to the top of the creek so that trucks can collect it.
    ACTION: Robert to discuss removal strategies with Council and Melbourne Water
  4. Email list. The existing lists will be updated with as many email contacts as we have to aide in disseminating information.
    ACTION: John and Bob will combine the lists they have and send to Robert. There is a request that the task be done by Wednesday May 12 so that it can be used to make an announcement about the working bee on the Sunday May 16. Robert to include the FOBC website link in the email.
  5. Newsletter. Robert to prepare in time so that it can be distributed before the next working bee. Newsletter to include - information of the Project Scopes, mention of recent sightings of birds in the creek.
    ACTION: Bob to approach Bob Stenholtz for the printing of 500 copies (please bring the paper).
  6. Rotary Club - Boroondara has approached Robert about wanting to donate a bench seat for the area. Robert will provide more details as they come to hand.
  7. Rotary Club - Camberwell has also mentioned that some donation or support will be supplied via Malcolm.
  8. Notice board - The meeting discussed the need to get support to have a Notice Board for the area.
    ACTION: Barrie to contact Phil Crohn at SSP to get a brochure from the company that makes the notice boards.
  9. Working bee Sunday May 16. Robert mentioned he was organized to take before and after pictures of each working bee with his new digital camera. It was suggested that some permanent points from which to take pictures would provide some documentation of the changing profile of the area over time.
    ACTION: Robert to order mulch from Council.
  10. 'State of Melbourne Creeks' booklet - Melbourne Water has prepared information about the state of Melbourne's urban water ways that will be interesting to members to read.
    ACTION: Robert to pass to Barrie who will then pass it on to another member of the committee to have a look at so that it will rotate around the group.
  11. Report has gone in to Parks Victoria for the grant we received from them. The project was the preparation an planting work undertaken on the west side of the creek near Dot's house.
    ACTION: Robert please file copy of the report in the FOBC file
  12. FOBC Website needs updating.
    ACTION: Chris to contact Jim about including pictures of the Clean Up Australia participants, the Project Scopes that Robert will email to Jim and a reminder that there is a spelling mistake in the Wattle bird.


Bob presented his report. There is currently $5949.00 is the account. We received $75 in donations and $95 in membership fees. The $1500.00 grant was received today to be included. Greening Australia subscription is due, Bob to check when the Farmers Federation Insurance is due also. Bob received a copy of Bob Stenholtz's Media Release in which our work is mentioned.


A dozen Gang Gang cockatoos. A pair of Tawny Frogmouths


At the home of Barrie Gallacher 7 Quinton Rd June 7 at 7.30

Minutes prepared by Chris Walta