Meeting Minutes

October 2011


The October 2011 meeting of the FOBC started at approximately 8:00pm on October 11 at Robert’s place in Nicholsdale Rd.

Present: Robert, Eleanor and Chris.

Apologies: Barrie and Jim.

A. General Business

Get well Barrie hope you feel better soon.

Enjoy your trip to Japan Jim.

DONATIONS: Grill’d from 879 Burke Road are running a ‘Local Matters’ program where they donate back to the local communities. They have a high tech system using the counting of bottle tops for people to vote for their local community of choice. Robert put the FOBC in and now we have received a $100 donation. Thanks Grill’d. If you would like to know more see:

We have also received a donation from Eleanor for $50. She did a painting of her nephew’s dogs and he gave her more than she had asked for to cover her costs. I think the nephew is lucky because I know her work is outstanding.

PLANTING: Robert received a request from the Through Rd Kindergarten and Children’s Centre to have a group of approximately 6 children and 10 parents do some planting. It has been arranged for this Sunday, October 16. The location will be the flat area south of Cornell St. 250 plants have been ordered to add to the 100 or so that were left over from the last planting. Eleanor will collect the plants from VINC on the Saturday.

GRANT: Bendigo Bank has a Community Grants scheme. Robert has obtained the details and an application form to submit a grant application for $3000 to assist us with the cost over the next 12 months. We will keep our fingers crossed.

NOTICE BOARD: We have had more graffiti damage to the new Notice Board. Chris will get some water based paint stripper to see if we can remove it without damaging the Perspex.

SIGHTINGS: A brood of ducklings has been seen for the last few weeks in and out of the tunnel under Riversdale Rd. We fear for their safety with the local fox.

MONEY IN THE BANK: There is approximately $1400 in the account. The VINC membership of $20 has recently been paid.

END OF YEAR BREAK UP: Yes it is on again at Fountains restaurant on Monday evening Nov 21.

Fountains is at Box Hill Institute of TAFE, Building 3, Level 1, 465 Elgar Rd, Box Hill, VIC, 3128. ‘Fountains Licensed Restaurant is part of the Box Hill Institute of TAFE and offers a modern Australian menu served by hospitality students. Prices are inexpensive, but the menu contains some impressive dishes.’

Eleanor will book for 10 people.

B. Next Working Bee

The next working bee is on Sunday October 16 South of Cornell St.

C. Next Meeting

The November meeting is replaced with the dinner at Fountains on the 21st of November.

Minutes submitted by: Chris Walta