Date:                10/10/2006

Location:           Home of Eleanor Stephenson Weafgreen Court

Present:            Robert Brierley (president), Eleanor Stephenson, Chris Walta, Bob Strickland, Barrie Gallacher,  Jim Breen

Apologies:         John Cott

1)       WELCOME Robert welcomed all present.


A letter was received from Max G, Chapman, a previous resident who remembers things about the area around Back Creek. Excerpts from his letter will be included in the FOBC Newsletter

An email message was received from Heinz Kreutz about the Notice boards for Riversdale Rd end and the Cornell St end. It is hoped that it will be possible to open these at the November working bee. It would be great to have local politicians available on the day since it is the week before the election. Bob Strickland reported that he was approached by Fiona Perry to meet Bob Stensholt in the creek because there was a labor Party video being made about community activities that Bob had been involved in. Different members of the committee agreed that Bob had made a real contribution to the works of the FOBC.

Robert also notified that he had received correspondence from the Minister of the Environment about the $28 million upgrade that is planned for the Yarra River. It was discussed that perhaps activities in creeks feeding into the Yarra may be able to leverage of this initiative.


The next newsletter needs to go out before the November working bee. Eleanor is not able to be present at the November working bee.

Action: Robert to coordinate with Heinz if the Notice boards will be available for the November working bee so that it can be mentioned in the FOBC Newsletter. The drawing of the raffle at the next working bee would also be mentioned


Eleanor reported that she has seen 7 orange legged frogs

Action: Robert said he would check the frog website for more information about the orange legged frog.

5)       NEXT WORKING BEE  Sunday October 15

There was discussion around the preparation for the October working bee. Barrie mentioned that it appears that there was an order for Back Creek by the City of Boroondara in for $1500 and he wondered who had put this in and for what.

Camberwell Grammar group will be available for some planting in Nov. Tree guards and stakes need to be used.

Action: Barrie to order 200 plants and check with Janice at the council about the order.

6)       FINANCES

Bob presented a finance statement - there is a surplus of $2700 at the moment.

Action: $5000 to be put on fixed deposit for 6 months and $2000 for 90 days so that it matures for Clean Up Australia Day.

NEXT MEETING November 14th at Chris Walta’s place, 29A Cornell St at 8.00pm.