September 2007

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Grades 3 & 4 Wattle Park Primary School participating in Schools Tree day 27 July 2007 along Back Creek south of Quinton Rd.

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Greetings friends and other residents interested in Back Creek

This is the 27th edition of BACKCREEK BRIEFINGS.  Progress made is as follows:

Membership subscription: Membership subscriptions for 2007 are due. If you would like to become a member and or make a donation, contact our treasurer Bob Strickland on 9830 0749 or print off a membership form from our website and send us your subscription.

Tree removal: As scheduled Melbourne Water removed in early July a further 4 willows along the creek bed just south of the Quinton Road crossing. Shortly after we received heavy rain preceding Tree Day making the ground very wet underfoot. This was exacerbated by building at an adjoining property. FOBC laid jute mat along the creek bed and along the nearby eastern slope to hold the soil together and assist with weed suppression. Mulch was also used to soak up the excess moisture and make access to the pathway and creek easier.

The willow removal has significantly opened up the creek to planting of native seedlings and increased the opportunity for plants to get exposure to sunlight over the coming months.

One complication of the willow removal has been the willow off cuts and branches which have sprouted. Willows have this capacity and it is one reason they are regarded as weeds. FOBC will be manually removing these twigs and branches that have sprouted over the next month.

National Tree Day: On Schools Tree day July 27, 2007 students from Wattle Park planted over 450  seedlings along the creek bed down from Quinton Road. Teachers, FOBC members and Council officers from City of Boroondara helped over 90 enthusiastic grade 3 & 4 students complete the task in little over an hour. After the work was done the kids each enjoyed cordial and mud cake (the baked variety) before returning to school. (see photo)

On the following Sunday, 35 people participated in planting nearly 2000 seedlings. Planting included both south of Quinton Road as well as the section along the Riversdale Road fenceline above the boardwalk. By midday, members of Friends of South Surrey Park joined FOBC in a BBQ, catered for by Boroondara Council. 

Working Bees: Our next working bee is on Sunday September 16th 2007. We will be consolidating work done during National Tree Day. The focus will again be on planting various grass and shrub seedlings at both the Riversdale Road and Quinton Road sections of the creek.

If you want to help out, come down to the Quinton Street end Sunday Morning from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm. Just bring a good pair of gloves and shoes, drinks and refreshments will be provided.  Other working bees will occur around the third Sunday of each month. All our community events will be based at the Quinton Road end of the creek for the remainder of the year.

Details of the FOBC event dates are as follows:

September 16th 2007 – Spring Planting Festival

October 21st 2007 – Spring Planting Festival

November 18th 2007 – Spring Planting Festival

December 16th 2007 – (only if numbers permit)

Raffle: Once again Eleanor Stephenson has completed another one of her marvelous pastel paintings of native birds. We will again be raffling it for the groups fund raising. If Eleanor knocks on your door why not buy a couple of tickets. Our local councilor Heinz Kreutz will draw the raffle at our Spring Working bee in October.


We have updated our website including some photos take from the Schools tree day, so check us out.

Friends of Back Creek South: A new sub group of FOBC has begun South of Toorak Road near Hartwell. Its objectives will be to restore the open creek habitat along that section of Back Creek. Like FOBC six years ago FOBC South group conducted a walk along the creek with Janyce McMurtrie from Parks and Gardens department of Boroondara Council on 20 July 2007.  Members outlined their vision for the area which will build on previous plantings done nearly 15 years ago.   Residents interested in participating can contact Albert Toet by email on

FOBC Committee:

President - Robert Brierley – 9836 3779

Secretary –  Chris Walta - 9888 4461

(29A Cornell Street, Camberwell, 3124)

Treasurer – Bob Strickland – 9830 0749

Committee members – Barrie Gallacher, Eleanor Stephenson, John Cott, Jim Breen, Rosemary Buchanan.